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My parents started a mannequin repair company in 1954, and I joined the family business in 1976. Right away, I thought, “Why are we repairing other peoples’ mannequins when we could be making our own?”

So, we hired a sculptor, and about a year later we debuted our first collection, called Action. From the beginning, I realized that all of the mannequins available on the market were lady-like, delicate in form, which was fine, but we needed to stand out. We made ours sculptural, architectural, and colorful.

Then, as now, I find that there are limitless options and ideas. Our mannequins invoke elements of pop culture, art, music, models, Henry Moore, anything…. Fashion is a very fast business; people always want new. When we started our furniture line, it was a great contrast, in that it was more about timelessness, quality, longevity. The mannequins are more of the moment, faster, so producing both is really a great combination.


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This story appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of MILIEU.