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Gifts For Her

1. The "Double O" Necklace by India Hicks.

2. A decorative acrylic Clara Con Corona Box by Jan Barboglio from The Iron Gate.

3. Zanzibar Stationary, 10 cards and 10 hand-lined envelopes, from Schumacher.

4. Baobab Collection Pierre de Lune, max 16 candle at Longoria Collection.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Dwarf Fukushu Kumquat Citrus Tree from Williams-Sonoma.

6. Four Seasons Necklace by Cannon Lewis with 14K yellow, green, white and rose gold pendants.

7. Chunky Ivory Knit Throw from Wisteria.

8. The Oui Shave Charlotte Razor Set, including a 20oz bottle of Neroli shave oil, one charlotte razor and two refill blades. 

9. Suede and leather Brooke Travel Jewelry Box in gray from Ralph Lauren Home.

10. Burberry Classic Fox Collar from Moda Operandi.

11. Set of eight Limoges hand-painted goblets from Found.

12. Personalized weekly desk calendar, guest towels and kraft notepads from Ellis Hill.

13. Etched, brass, Town & Country key chain from Biscuit Home.

14. Tickets to the 2017 Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville.

15. A MILIEU gift subscription, the best gift of all!


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