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America’s Garden of Earthly Delights Blooms in Full

The renovation and restoration of Lotusland’s Japanese Garden represents the largest and most complex project ever undertaken at the botanical facility in Montecito, California. The koi pond is filled with fish again, the waterfall flows, the bamboo forest is dense with growth, and newly laid pathways wind through Japanese maples and cherry trees, sculptural lanterns and pergolas planted with wisteria vines. To celebrate this rebirth, Lotusland is hosting a gala on the evening of July 27. “Lotusland Celebrates: Memoirs of a Garden” is billed as “a grand celebration” of their newly renovated Japanese Garden, once again open to the public after a lengthy restoration and replanting.


The Japanese garden is one of twenty-two distinctive gardens that flourish on the thirty-seven acres that comprise Lotusland, a botanical expanse that has been nurtured and nourished since its founding in 1941. What began as a commercial nursery in the 1880s was later purchased by Madame Ganna Walska, a revered Polish opera singer, who transformed the grounds into one of America’s most important and beautiful public gardens.


Here is your chance to help support the garden and to recognize and experience the extraordinary rebirth of one of its most notable attractions.


For tickets to the gala and further information about ways to support Lotusland, visit lotusland.org