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As a young girl, Sandra Jordan loved accompanying her aunts to the textile markets in her native Peru. "We always had an in-house seamstress who made our draperies," says Jordan, "so we would buy these beautiful fabrics and keep them in big trunks. Then, whenever we needed something sewn, we had the fabrics."

Her love of textiles grew as she traveled around the world with her mother and American-diplomat stepfather. "India was wonderful for me because of the silks and the vibrant colors," she recalls, "and in the Philippines, we were exposed to the best fabrics that had been left over in Paris and New York and pushed into the local market. It was a wonderful education."

Jordan's passion for fine fabrics remained avocational while she earned degrees in International Relations and Education and taught literature in a private girls' school in Massachusetts. In 1993, she became the Creative Director at Jordan Vineyard & Wineries, owned by her then-husband, Tom Jordan, and when she took on the challenge of redecorating the property's hospitality suites and public areas, she wanted to use alpaca from her native Peru in her designs.


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This story appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of MILIEU