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HER MILIEU: Elizabeth Gage

Where did your love of jewelry begin?

When I saw Catherine The Great’s clothes on display. I thought to myself,  “Why is nobody making jewels like this?”


First piece of jewelry you were given?

A nineteenth-century finger ring, from my father, which I still have today.


First piece of jewelry you designed?

My Agincourt ring, made of amethyst and peridots.


First reactions upon being awarded the Order of the British Empire (MBE)? 

I was thrilled. The fact that there’s no British Empire anymore did not bother me one bit. It was a wonderful day when I went to the palace.


Your source of inspiration?

It is the stones that tell me what to do. And I really mean that. It is the first thing that comes into my mind that I usually go with.


What inspired your new Houston collection, and why did you choose Texas?

I have been to Texas many times in the past. I have always loved it and what I love about American women is that they are not guided by fashion. When they see something they like, they buy it. No big Hoo-ha.


Do you own a good luck charm?

I believe everybody has a bit of luck in their life. Whether they believe it or not, it’s up to them to use it.


Favorite place to be in the fall?

New York in October! I am three-quarters American and it gives me huge pleasure to travel from England to America and to have grown my business in both countries.


Favorite room at home?

My bedroom.


A motto you have adopted?

Never take no for an answer!


A travel destination you have never forgotten?



The one place you haven’t gone that you would like to visit?

The Galapagos Islands.

Five famous people from the past you want to have to dinner?

Catherine The Great, Elizabeth I, Churchill, Picasso, Clark Gable.


Most important object you own?

My Agincourt ring, which was the first ring I made.


Favorite work of art in the world? 

Sorolla’s, Female Nude.


The one piece of jewelry you wish you owned? 

Henry VIII’s turquoise pin, in the V&A Museum.


A movie you watch over and over? 



What does the word “Milieu” mean to you?

It is French for a “good set” in society, i.e., “She is in a good milieu.”  


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Interview by LUCY BAMMAN


This story appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of MILIEU.