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MILIEU On Design: Maple Jude & Co.

Welcome to a new ongoing online series in which MILIEU editors share their favorite new discoveries in the industry.

In this episode, we introduce you to Jen Dallas and Perry Helderman of Maple Jude & Co. 


When MILIEU editors first discovered the textiles, ceramic tilework, and  decorative accessories designed and made by Jen Dallas and Perry Helderman, we were all eager to learn more about the design team and the origins of their company that they call Maple Jude & Co. Everyone on staff was struck by the sheer range of their creations and we wanted to introduce both of them and their products to you, our many thousands of readers. We spoke to Jen and Perry at their company headquarters in Santa Monica, California, to find out more…


You are both already legendary in the interior design world for the way you still sketch out all of your design ideas. How does that process help you, as opposed to working directly on the computer?

We both grew up with artists for parents and were raised drawing and painting using traditional methods. There is something about using pencil and paper that lets you connect with the medium. It’s organic and fluid—sketching helps each of us to really connect our imaginations and not limit our expressions and ideas. A computer is fantastic for refinement but not for our exploration. 


What advice would you give to other young designers entering the interior design industry?

Get a variety of experience—even those options or internships that aren’t your first choice, might in the long run be what you love. You never know until you try! 


Where do you both find the inspirations for your designs? 

We are inspired by all things nature—notably, the California flora & fauna landscape, the ocean and coastal life, and the celestial realm of moons and stars up in the sky. We love graphics and simplicity. We always take an edited approach which we find really accentuates our patterns. 


Given the many products you make, do you think there is a secret to creating a successful home?

A successful home needs to flow well together. Though the design of each room may vary, each should still complement the others. We’ve always considered the importance of this when designing our products and is why we decided to use our patterns on different mediums. Our products give clients the ability to use a matching pattern as their kitchen tile backsplash that can be repeated as decorative pillows on their living room sofa or a beautiful wall of gathered draperies in their family room. This continual flow feels almost subliminal to the common eye but allows the home to feel rhythmic and cohesive.


What is something every home needs to have?

Cloth napkins. They are both environmental friendly and fun to use. They have the magic ability to make an every day meal feel special. We recommend them even for take out! 


Any future plans for Maple Jude & Co.?

Our future vision is to create a destination where people can get inspired through workshops and experience first-hand the lifestyle of our products. 


Visit maplejude.com to learn more about their products and shop!