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Our Fall Book Roundup

MILIEU editors love books—the actual, physical versions, especially those about interior design and architecture. And so many of our favorite books just happen to also be by and about many of the people we feature regularly in the pages of the magazine. There were a lot of new and inspiring books about design published this season, but we particularly recommend the following. They already fill a shelf in our offices.


Carolyne Roehm: Design & Style A Constant Thread by Carolyne Roehm (Rizzoli, $75)

Carolyne Roehm is one of those people who seem to be able to do everything well when it comes to design. Here, in her newest book, she shares lessons about the meaning of style and the ways we all live with fashion, flowers, tableware, and interiors. Pay attention to her lessons here and you’ll likely wind up living your life differently.


Isabel López-Quesada: At Home by Isabel López-Quesada (Vendome, $55)

She is one of the many stars of interior design who appear in pages of MILIEU, and here readers are treated to a intimate, inside look at her homes in Spain and France—all photographed by the inimitable Miguel Flores-Vianna.


The Nature of Home by Jeff Dungan (Rizzoli, $55)

Known for his traditional yet always novel house designs, Birmingham, Alabama–based architect Jeff Dungan takes readers on a room by room tour of eight of his best residential projects—from a bright beach house on the Gulf Coast to an expansive Southern farmhouse and beyond.


Rooms for Living: A Style for Today with Things from the Past by Suzanne Rheinstein (Rizzoli, $50)

Although this book examines the full scale of Rheinstein’s interior designing, it’s in the details she conveys that the book really stands out—ways to dress a bed properly, her methods for displaying books, techniques for making the entryway into the most memorable of spaces, along with other lessons.


American Originals: Creative Interiors by William Abranowicz (Vendome, $65)

The photographer, long noted for his talent for capturing the essence of rooms and their occupants, has seen a lot and documented a lot. In this new book, Abranowicz focuses his lens on the places where poets, rock stars, designers, tastemakers, politicans, and other celebrities live. We see how these luminaries express themselves and their creativity in their rooms.


Steven Gambrel: Perspective by Steven Gambrel (Rizzoli, $65)

It’s hard to keep up with the prolific Steven Gambrel, but here he brings together some of his latest design projects, each reflecting his penchant for classical motifs combined with decidedly contemporary aesthetics.


On Interior Design by Penny Drue Baird (Images Publishing, $50)

Putting together your own home is certainly fun, but it can also be daunting. Interior designer Penny Drue Baird recognizes the fact that not everyone is comfortable decorating their own home. She has strong opinions, which is a good thing because they inspire readers to be equally bold with their own homes.


Suzanne Kasler: Sophisticated Simplicity by Suzanne Kasler (Rizzoli, $55)

At last, a kind of blueprint for the way Suzanne Kasler designs her rooms, many of which we have featured in the pages of MILIEU over the years. Kasler details her methods for everything from arranging furniture and accessories to applying the finishing touches to a room.


The Power of Pattern by Susanna Salk (Rizzoli, $45)

This book proves that patterns and wallpapers determine the moods, uses, and personal responses we have to rooms in ways that no other accessories do. Salk showcases designs by such talents as Miles Redd, Mary McDonald, and Alessandra Branca, while also referencing visionaries of the past.


Inspired Design: The 100 Most Important Designers of the Past 100 Years by Jennifer Boles (Vendome, $75)

This might be the most coveted list of all in the world of interior design. Here, at last, are the one hundred designers everyone who loves design needs to know—and who continue to inspire. The book is a fascinating time line of the evolution of interior design and decoration.


Veere Grenney: On Decorating by Veere Grenney (Rizzoli, $65)

A thrilling thirty-year look at projects—from London to Long Island—by the acclaimed English designer, who studied under Mary Fox Linton and David Hicks. Known for his classical rooms infused with a heavy dose of English style, Grenney is rightly recognized as one of today’s master designers.

Contemporary Classical Architecture by John B. Murray (The Monacelli Press, $65)

The classical vocabulary is about maintaining a keen sensitivity to proportion and scale. Architect John B. Murray remains to true to that dynamic with every project he undertakes. Here readers get a visual (and textual) tour of fifteen of his greatest architectural achievements, to date.


Sir Edwin Lutyens: The Arts & Crafts Houses by David Cole (Images Publishing, $85)

No matter what your preferred style, it’s likely that you would still want to live in one of the forty-five country houses featured in this volume about the great Arts & Crafts architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869–1944). The architect adhered to the ideas and ideals of the movement, while also introducing, at every point, his own Classical vocabulary.


The Intangible by Kerry Joyce (Pointed Leaf Press, $90)

One of MILIEU’s favorite featured designers, Kerry Joyce, has written his first book that documents his love of classic aesthetics. While he recounts the actual ingredients that define his interiors, he also acknowledges the intangibles, referring to the book’s title, those seemingly elusive ingredients that characterize any great design.


Storied Interiors: The Designs of Patrick Sutton and the Stories that Shaped Them by Patrick Sutton (Images Publishing, $55)

Behind every great interior design is a story—not just about the space, but also about its occupants and the persons responsible for creating the look. Baltimore interior designer Patrick Sutton relates the tale behind each of the projects he features in his book, while also including candid material about his own life growing up with glamorous and worldly parents.


Nina Campbell Interior Decoration: Elegance & Ease by Giles Kime (Rizzoli, $60)

The noted English interior designer has been an exemplar of the profession for nearly fifty years and, yet, she still offers design surprises. Here she recounts her ongoing career through a selection of varied projects, while also relating much about her life, both in and out of interior design.