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Sugarplum Fairies—and other guests arrive in New York!

Rebecca Gardner, a MILIEU contributing editor, has just opened her Sugarplum Pop-Up, which features a carefully curated collection of unique gifts for the holidays. You can order online (rebeccagardner.com) or visit the Sugarplum Pop-Up boutique in New York City’s St. Regis Hotel, beginning November 24 and running right up to Christmas Eve, on December 24. Meet Rebecca in person!


Here are a couple of our favorite finds!

A Girl and Her Teapot Ornament. This blown-glass ornament (5” x 3”) is finished with a calligraphed tag and silk-dyed ribbon.
Sugarplum Pop-Up’s sugar-cookie tree is nearly as big as the real thing—but even sweeter. Every child becomes royalty when adorned with a party crown angel.
Rebecca Gardner, Sugarplum’s creator, is also the founder and creative director of Houses & Parties, a full-service event and interior design collective, based in Savannah and New York City.